VOLUX IP COMMUNICATOR allows you to converge your voice and data networks, and enjoy many advantages of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the future of communications.

VOLUX IP COMMUNICATOR networking capabilities allow you to share resources for multiple or remote locations.
VoIP trunk routes voice and data calls through the IP network, long distance charges, maintenance and total cost of ownership (TCO) are reduced. 


VOLUX IP COMMUNICATOR comes stocked with many of features including:

Up to 200 Extensions Voicemail
Multi IP Trunks Support [TDM/SIP/IAX] Voicemail to Email
Support VoIP Providers or Point-to-point IP Trunks IVR Menu System
Remote Extensions Ring Groups
Fax Support Call Queues
Conference Rooms Follow-me
Time Based Routing Music On Hold
Paging and Intercom Web Access Voicemail
Phone Provisioning Tool Echo Cancellation
and more...
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