iHRM, the core system behind iFinger and iCard, is specially designed for companies and organizations of small to medium sizes and those with subsidiary offices in Hong Kong or Mainland China.
iHRM completely takes care of the operation of Human Resources Management, Time Attendance and Payroll Management as well as Security and Access Control. Its superior and highly configurable design can ensure complete coverage of these aspects when companies grow and adapt to the changing business environment.

Core Module
  • Staff Management (HR)
  • Access Control
  • Time Attendance
  • Advanced Staff Event Management (ASE)
  • Payroll
  • System Features
    Screen and Reports Available in Multi-language
    Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English version are available
    Great Variety of Hardware
    Supports different models of fingerprint readers and proximity [Octopus-style] card readers with competitive price and strong functionality. Different hardware (where compatibility allows) can be combined and installed at different locations (front door,backdoor, warehouse etc.) in the same system
    Supports up to 255 readers in a single system; suitable for multi-floor and multi-access situation
    Rich Features and Modular Design
    The system is equipped with powerful features and a modular design. Customers can select the appropriate levels and
    add-on functions to fit for specific needs. New add-on functions will be developed from time to time and guaranteed to be
    easily integrated with the existing system
    Rich Reports Provided
    All major areas are equipped with full-featured reports
    Major reports can be exported to popular file format (e.g. EXCEL)
    System Security and User Privilege Control
    Unlimited number of user/password can be created
    System Administrator can grant appropriate access privilege to users, controlling the functions, screens and report each
    individual user can use
    Network version allows concurrent user access to the system
    Ease of Use and Expansibility
    Simple, well-managed and easy-to-use interface allows single-screen operation for data entry, enquiry and printing. System is designed with user-friendliness as a major consideration
    Database Backup, Restore and Compression functions are equipped with simple click-and-done interface. No special
    technical and IT knowledge is required for daily maintenance operation
    MS Access version available (suitable for small to medium companies)
    Support larges-scale database system including MS SQL Server, Oracle, Interbase, Firebird and MySQL. Suitable for
    companies with large number of employees. Also guarantee a migration path to cope with business growth
    Support Multi-location and Branch Management
    Outlet versions (with trimmed-down features and simple user interface) are available for retail outlets and branch offices
    Attendance records in outlets and branch offices can be exported to files (with encryption to prevent tampering) and then
    emailed to the main office for central processing
    Suitable for companies having multiple offices / factories in different regions of Hong Kong and Mainland China
    Major Levels
    eLite Edition
    Human Resources Management System
    User-defined company structure: unlimited number of Department, Team, Shop/Offices, Position and Grade
    Rich employee information, including personal details, contact information, health status, education, resume, working experience, special skills, payroll details, bank account information, MPF, Taxation related information, photos etc.
    Support flexible employee information enquiry, filtering and reporting
    Staff Card Management
    One-stop service for card design and card printing
    Complete card management and access control features: Card Registration, Return and Change
    Entry access at different entrance/exit can be flexibly controlled for individual employees
    Cards from resigned employees can be reused
    Fingerprint Record Management
    Fingerprint records (only the characteristics will be stored) can be stored in the central database
    Only one-time fingerprint registration is required and then the software will duplicate the fingerprint records to different
    fingerprint machines
    Entry access at different entrance/exit equipped with fingerprint machines can be flexibly controlled for individual
    Attendance/Entrance Record Management and Reporting
    Reports of attendance/entry/exit are available in various styles
    Real-time and daily report is provided to trace employees’ presence/absence
    Detailed In/Out report to show the exact location and time of entry/exit of employees
    Authorized staff can add/delete attendance data to handled special situations
    (e.g. when employees forget to bring the staff card)
    All change of attendance data will be revealed in the Audit trail report
    Lite Edition
    Inherit ALL Modules from eLite Edition
    Shift and Duty Roster
    Support unlimited number of user-defined shifts (i.e. working hours). Each shift can have up to 4 sections
    Supports Regular Roster: Allow weekly or monthly shift allocation with regular working hour pattern (e.g. full-day work from
    Monday to Friday and half-day work for Saturday)
    Supports Flexible and Irregular Roster: Individual employees can be assigned with different shifts on different days.
    Ease of Management: Allow easy amendment of shifts and rosters: by department, team, production line, or even individual
    Holiday & Leave Management
    Supports per-employee annual and sick leave annual entitlement
    Supports various leave type selection
    Automatic and dynamic calculation of Leave Balance
    Flexible handling of leave deduction
    Supports cancellation of leave
    Supports direct manipulation of Leave Balances for individual employees
    Supports User-defined Public and Labour Holiday
    Supported detailed Leave Report, Leave Balance Report and Leave History Report
    Time Attendance Analysis
    Detailed attendance information: daily attendance, late, early, absence, night duty, overtime work, leave etc.
    Support two major types of overtime handling – automatic style and approval oriented style
    Attendance Analysis will fully consider the time attendance records, leave applications and registered events to provide
    accurate attendance reports
    Flexible attendance result inquiry and rich reports
    Attendance analysis is parameter-driven to cater for the special handling required for staff in different sections (e.g. office
    staff and production staff may have different handling criteria)
    PRO Edition
    Inherit ALL Modules from eLite + Lite Edition
    Payroll Management
    Supports part-time, fixed monthly, monthly, daily, hourly and even no basic salary
    Payroll Templates can be set according to department, group or individual employee, with individual and specific payroll
    rules. Only a small number of templates can help manage thousands of employees
    Broad coverage of payroll areas: basic salary, overtime allowance, hardworking bonus, skill bonus, various deduction (late,
    early, absence, leave, meal, accommodation) and many others
    Full integration with the Time Analysis result from Level II attendance information
    Support up to 6 salary payments for each month
    Support up to 6 payroll periods for each month. The exact day range for each payroll period can be individually specified
    Support MPF handling (for Hong Kong)
    Special requirements due to regional regulation (e.g. the PRC) can be catered for
    Support Hong Kong Taxation handling (IR56B/F)
    Rich reports: payroll detail, pay-slip (HK styles and PRC styles), MPF, Taxation etc.
    Autopay to bank accounts can be specially catered for (customization)
    PRO+ Edition
    Inherit ALL Modules from eLite + Lite + PRO Edition
    Contract/Production Management
    Supports unlimited number of user-defined Contracts and Work Order
    Supports definition of production process, process grouping and process salary rate for different products/contracts
    Each Contract can be associated with its own process list
    Each Contract/work order can be associated with its own process rates
    Process rates can be further associated with an employee’s grade and skill level
    Support different piece rates for Normal working hours and Overtime working hours
    Production Analysis and Reports
    Allow input of production volume
    Provide quantity analysis, statistics and reports with respect to contract, order, process, employee and date range
    Partial payroll calculation for individual employee’s piece count
    Full integration with PRO Edition to provide a full payroll calculation
    Add-on Modules
    Password and Timezone Control
    Define timezone for door access, at most 10 timezones allowed
    Define password control time range
    Define holiday access control
    Setup employee entrance password and turn on/off password enforcement
    Setup individual employee's entrance time range
    Specify individual employee's permission for holiday entrance
    Synchronize Holiday List, Password Entrance Information and Timezones to readers
    Enhanced HR & Leave Management
    System automatically records HR movements, including new employment, resignation, change of department, change of
    salary, change of payroll template, position change, promotion/demotion, relocation to other shops/offices, warning and
    compliment etc.
    More flexible leave handling: Leave arrangement for a whole day, by section or by actual time
    Support Compensation Leave
    Supports individual and optional leave deduction
    Supports individual and optional salary deduction
    Direct manipulation of leave balance
    Support annual carry-forward of employee's leave balances
    iHRM Net (Multi-user Licenses)
    Network version: Multiple Concurrent Users (start from 5-user)
    iHRM Auto-Connect (Automatic Data Collection)
    Supports automatic data download from card readers and fingerprint machines
    Supports daily download at a specific time of the day
    Supports regular download at a specific time interval (e.g. every hour or every 30 minutes)
    Supports regular download at user-defined list of time of the day (e.g. at 9:00, 14:00, 19:00 respectively)
    Supports automatic backup and compression of database
    Supports network location of the database backup
    Screen Sample

    Issue Staff Card

    Issued Staff Card Enquiry

    Staff Information Enquiry

    Edit Staff Information

    Roster Management

    Leave & OT Management

    Time Attendance Analysis Report

    Staff 's Salary Setup

    Staff 's Salary Calculation

    Salary Summary Generation


    Report Sample

    Employee Detail Report

    Staff Daily Attendance Report

    Employee Payslip

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