FinEZ intelligent door lock perfectly integrated bio- metric identification and password technology together with three access methods: fingerprint, password

and mechanical key. Fashion and exquisite stream- line slide design. Unique LCD display design belongs

to the first domestic and advanced in the world. Keypads and external are made of ABS and PC materials. With luminous function, it is more convenient for opening the lock in the night. Outstanding appearance, technology & performance, fashion & elegant design greatly lighten the noble taste of users with this luxury decoration.

Product Highlight

Sliding Cover LCD Display Biometric Sensor Password Keypad Mechanical Key Hole 9V Battery for Backup
Made by modular structure technology to provide more stable, reliable and safer
Maximum 80 fingerprints capacity
Support 5 administrator fingerprints, 55 ordinary fingerprints, 20 temporary fingerprints
More convenient for administrator to add, delete or clear the fingerprint and password
Strong compatibility: Compatible with 3rd party access control management system
LCM LCD display
Support unlocking records checking, data download, maximum 10000 records
Low power alarm function: alarm when battery is running out, but still can operate ~200 times
Able to connect with the backup battery (9V)
4 x 1.5V alkaline batteries can be used over one year
Unique luminous function to provide more convenient for opening the lock in the night
Suitable for steel door, wooden door and security door
Supply power: 4 x 1.5V AA batteries FRR: <1 %
Battery life: ≈ 15,000 hrs FAR: <0.0001%
Alarm voltage: 4.6 ± 0.1V Fingerprint collection: ± 45 °
Scan area: 17.5 x 19.5 mm Fingerprint sensor: Optical sensor
Resolution: 500 dpi Static power consumption: ≤ 40uA
Identification Time: <1.5 s Dynamic power consumption: ≤ 140uA
Work temperature: -25 ℃ -60 ℃ Identification methods: 1: N
Work Humidity: 20% -95% Antistatic capacity: ≥ ± 15KV
Memory capacity: 80 (can be extended) LCD area: 22.5mm x 12 mm
Memory capability: 10 years Unlock memory records: 30000
Lock body panel: 178 mm x 95mm x 20 mm Front panel: 320mm x 72mm x 45mm
Lock side panel: 240mm x 24mm x 3 mm Back Panel: 320mm x 72mm x 45mm
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